Photography & Media

  • Creative Digital Photography • PHSK181L69

    For those who want to continue their photographic exploration: we will cover various in-camera and post-processing techniques. Multiple exposure, long exposure, macro, filters, stacking, layers, and curves are some of the techniques we will cover. Through group photo outings, in-class presentatio...

    Scott Kubo  
    Jan. 25-May. 3
    Thu 5:30–8:30pm (14 sessions) Past_exhib_ph_1
  • The Art of Seeing with a Camera: Cultivating your Unique Vision • PHDU181L70

    Awaken creativity and sight. Learn to make compelling photographs. Master your camera, explore the fundamentals of personal expression through photography, and discover your unique vision. Investigate the key elements of the visual language through assignments, slide presentations, and individual...

    David Ulrich  
    Jan. 23-Apr. 10
    Tue 6–9pm (10 sessions) Past_exhib_ph_2